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Astroth u ]

I've already googled this, and I'm just hoping someone has another idea.
I'm working at a mini golf getting it ready to be open for the season (I'm living in the Artic it's just starting to get warm). I have to remove some astroturf because it's totally destroyed.
What is the quickest most effective way to do this?
Anything besides a paint scraper?
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week 4

i have decided to take a picture a week documenting the progress on the hair.
mostly it's for my own benefit.
but well, i'm sharing, because that's how i roll.

4 weeks.
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i've been sleeping all day because i've been coughing up big green loogies and overall being rundown.
now i have to write a paper for cog psych and i am NOT LOOKING FOWARD TO IT ONE BIT.
hence the reason i am procrastonating now.

then i have to write my paper for women's studies on "real women have curves".
then i have to read the material for my bio psych power point i have to make up at some point this week.
then i have to homework for stats.

grumble grumble. end of the semester please?
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i have jewish hey-ya stuck in my head.

i'm tired. stupid having to not sleep. and i don't know what's up with my netflix not being here today.
other then that i'm peachy keen. i found out i'm making ten dollars an hour this summer. and if it's anything like last summer, i'm going to work overtime like it's going out to style.

oy is just yo backwards.
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what's my name agian?

today i got a different credit card.
zero interest till november. after that a significantly lower interest rate then i have now. (11.99 down from 18.9) yea, i was kind of being ass raped without lube, i know. i also get a zero percent balance transfer.
since i am going to be canceling my other card, i cashed in all my points and got myself an XM radio with a three month subscription. hollar.

tomorrow stef will be here about 4pm. she was supposed to come today, but her parents got her a poodle for her birthday. she's super excited and i'm happy for her. when he's a little bit older he's going to come down with her when she comes and visits. i really hope the roommates are ok with this. i trust her judgment that she won't bring him down until he's ready. he'll be crated when we aren't here and there are plenty of places for her to take him to run around. all the other dogs her family has are really well behaved, so i'm sure this one will be as well.
this one is such a keeper. i've been having a lot of issues with my self esteem lately, and stressing hardcore over grad schools, and preparing for applying. she's been talking me through everything and not judging me for my problems. i appreciate this so much more then i let on, i think. tracy was extremely judgmental of all my problems, and always made me feel twice as shitty about them. constantly telling me she couldn't be with an "unstable girlfriend". obviously, tracy wasn't stable herself. i'm still waiting for karma to bite her in the ass, but whatever.
stef makes me feel good because she doesn't tell me i'm wrong. she tells me to talk things through with my counselor, and that it isn't so terrible being on medication. last night she was telling me some people just need it and it doesn't mean i'm a freak. i've consistently wrestled with needing medication, at least since i was 15. she says she's noticed a slight change in me since we've met. i went off the meds RIGHT when we met, so she got to see me as i slowly returned to a non-medicated state. i don't know, i will talk to the counselor about it. the whole thing makes me kind of frazzled.
class time. then i'm going to go get the last of stef's presents. tomorrow i'm skipping my last class so i can just do all my running around before she shows up. it'll be easier that way.
peace out, poopies.
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(no subject)

i <3 my diva cup

also: this weekend was spectacular. 
um, i started working out again and i'm really sore. stef left and i'm feeling sort of lonely because we spent the past five days being pretty much inseperatable. i'm glad she lives a little farther away for the time being though. just so we don't get to into doing that. it's hard to function around her. all i want to do is snuggle and talk to her. and make out. oh, lord.

alright, i'm going to venture back downstairs.
i'm so happy. wee.