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i have jewish hey-ya stuck in my head.
i'm tired. stupid having to not sleep. and i don't know what's up with my netflix not being here today.
other then that i'm peachy keen. i found out i'm making ten dollars an hour this summer. and if it's anything like last summer, i'm going to work overtime like it's going out to style.

oy is just yo backwards.

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Dear god I love your icon. May I gank?

You don't know me but I know Patrick. I only followed your name because I wanted to see the dreads. Don't listen to Caeti, I think they're pretty.

oh i don't listen to that stupid cunt. i've never met her but she puts SUCH a bad taste in my mouth. you can add me if you like :)

Awesome yeah I've added you.

I have met her. I don't really have anything to say about her or the situation she and Patrick are in that hasn't already been said.

ha, me either :) yay new friend!!!!!

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