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Astroth u ]
connor oberst
I've already googled this, and I'm just hoping someone has another idea.
I'm working at a mini golf getting it ready to be open for the season (I'm living in the Artic it's just starting to get warm). I have to remove some astroturf because it's totally destroyed.
What is the quickest most effective way to do this?
Anything besides a paint scraper?

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If you post this to AMA you might have better luck :)

fuck. lol. i thought i did. thanks for letting me know.

No problem! How's the NWT?

freaking amazing. i honestly haven't had the time to do a proper update because i'm out and about all the time.

I read your post on veganpeople and I would really like to read about your adventures (trying to live as a vegan being one of them) in Yellowknife.

So .... do you want to be friends? :)

oh definitely you can add me. i've been REALLY bad about updating since my camera broke :(
i'm like 9/10th vegan this summer.... it's really really hard in this town.

I would be so frustrated if I was there without a working camera.
I think it's great that you are trying. You might be the first vegan there ;)

oh no, i know there are some people up here that are, and a lot (A LOT) of veggie folks. it's just really pricey. i think it i was up here for a longer amount of time i would look into doing indoor gardening. i'm used to being able to grow local organic produce in my area, and go to the farmers market for most of my items. i'm finding myself hungry a lot of the time- a feeling i hadn't had since my first run at veganism many moons ago. up here i've just been eating small amounts of cheese to help it out. it's also difficult only having a small burner. i really need to start soaking beans.... hm :-D

about the camera... i broke it (completely sober might i add) just simply by having my finger in front of the lens when i put it on. i'm missing a lot... but i don't have money to drop on a new one. SIGH!

hey hey, i friended you. do you want to chat on MSN or AIM sometime?

i'm at work on msn right now. its :-D

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