hilarious. thanks patrick. :-P
connor oberst
ok, awhile back. not too long, but after that CKY show i am pretty sure i meantioned jamie kennedy was at Pat's Steaks afterwards.
This is he:

rappin' about my favorite member of full house.

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connor oberst
one of my friendship pet peeves:
someone who goes out of their way to tell me how much they miss me, but  makes NO fucking effort for months at a time. alright, obviously i'm not that big of a deal.
i'm talking about this guy TJ. i was friends with him before tracy. tracy befriended him. now he's really close with tracy and her current. that wouldn't really bother me, honestly, but he totally stopped talking to me, and when he would talk to me, he would subtley defend her and bring up our relationship. i don't take well to people trying to give me advice when i feel the information they are reciveing is completely one sided. i value my friends opions always, but when you're being fed a completely skewwed truth and don't bother to look at the whole picture, don't even try.
now he's complaining that he's upset i "hate his guts". and i don't hate him. i just don't want to be his friend. it's better that way. GOD.

ok, on a better note. i'm in wisconsin. i met patrick. it's kind of awesome. he's awesome. i like it here. i'm really enjoying playing video games at the moment. and using his roommates laptop. but thats not all. . . .
last night he picked me up from the air port (my fucking flight got rescheduled making me get in at almost tenpm instead of 3:30pm. we went straight to the bar after that. the place we went to had 25 cent taps from ten til 1. got shitfaced for realllllyyyy cheap. went to a diner where a lady had the strongest fargo-esqe accent ever. LOVED it. it's so dorky sounding. she was also an excellent waitress. my coffee cup never even got close to being empty. ever. tipped her insanely well.
last night it was really nice to share a bed with someone. i haven't in forevvvvvvvver. infact the last person was that stupid boy i try to forget who was a completely asshole. i like sharing a bed with someone whos moderately cuddley. ^_^

ok, more gitaroo man. he bought it for me. looooveeeeeeeee.

yay for vacation finally being underway.

ah fuck
connor oberst
i guess it's pretty amazing i'm alot less depressed when i think i should be. i don't have my cat. it makes me want to cry. i miss olly and his fluffy belly and face. i'm desperatly trying to find someone who will take him in until i figure out where i am going to live permenatly. i'm a little drunk, so i care less about spelling then normal.
if anyone who lives kind of close to me can take olly for just a little bit i would be so greatful. i want to get him out of that house. i will give you money for food and litter. i have a box. he's so sweet and beautiful.
i love him more then life. and i cant wait until i live with him agian.
i applied for a loan and i just need to fix in some documents.i should get approved and then i can get back on my own, away from the rents all together.
god, yea i really should be alot more upset then i am. i think i'm just drunk. my moms friend came over and we drank cosmo's all night.

the song goes?
connor oberst
i will never speak of love agian
so i am taking matters into my own hands.

or something close to that.

subjects are for pansy's
connor oberst
today was pretty productive, and will continue to be.
i :
one-went to class
two-sent out patrick's birthday present.
three-swept out my car (oh i'm so dutch)
& ate ramen-breakfast of champions.

my car looks fab. i really want to do something pink themed on the inside. i think it needs to be done. i don't want to have it be gaudy and cheap looking like it was bought from walmart though.

after class i'm going to head over to the library. i've got a quiz tomorrow to study for, and i belive anouther chapter in social. i've lost my book for psych of personality. it was a hundred dollar book. taryn=dur.

it's over 70 degree's today. i lovvveeeeeee it. its like summer and winter are fighting it out, and today summer won for the final time until june.

that's my story, sticking to it. what?

its late.
connor oberst
i passed out on my floor while working on school stuff, and i woke up four hours later-wide awake. this isn't good.
i'm about to start working on my assignment for human behavior, in addition to the project. it's to apply systems theory to what happened down in lancaster.
tomorrow night i think i'm actually going to lancaster. lisa called me tonight. she's an EMT down there, she had to be on the scene for that shit. heart breaking. i haven't seen that nig in FOREVER, so hanging out should be a good time. tracy hated her, and it had alot to do with our friendship.

boston:day 5
connor oberst
i hate feeling miserable when i have no reason to.

today i'm meeting a super long online friend in cambridge.

missa and i are spending lots of time together doing silly things like rummy and listening to good music.

all i'm thinking is i wish i was in my own bed so i could cry myself to sleep. seriously, there is something so wrong with me.

i'm going to try to snap myself out of it by making dinner. after all, i make a mean vegan spagetti sauce.

i just like this.
connor oberst
we all want to ultimately find that person that makes us laugh. that finishes our sentances. understands weird songs when you're humming them out of context. that you can get rediculously sick and will take care of you. that just gets you. that got me.

i'm so excited.
connor oberst
i'm going to be away for a few days.
thank god.
(smile if its you i'll be seeing :-D )

(no subject)
connor oberst
nyc was lovely. i'm sad i didn't have my camera to take pictures.
i took a few on my phone, which i'll get to later.
for now, i'm going to work.
and they are expecting severe thunderstorms all night.
not so lovely.

is it august yet?


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